TJMDaily: Gratitude Says I Received The Gift

November 3, 2014

I'm big on words. And I believe due to things like lies, sarcasm, and fiction, words have lost their power in the psyche of humanity. These two words...Thank You mean so much. They are so powerful yet seem so common. We see them on shopping bags and signs like Thank You for Coming. They stand for gratitude, appreciation and honor the giver. 


To say thank you is to acknowledge the receipt of a gift. It's like the signature given when a package is delivered. When see it, Thank You, in this light we will say it and mean it more often.I think its why people struggle with expressing gratitude, I did for a while. Until one day I didn't stop saying it until I couldn't stop saying it. Tears and all I cracked the code of the importance of gratitude. When I said Thank You to God I was saying I receive all that you have given me and all you have for me in the future. And when I thought Thank You wasn't enough I was made aware that God in all of His Infinite Wisdom knew exactly what I meant. 


Gratitude says I received the gift. 


OWN Your Greatness, 




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