Big Business: They Once Were Small Too

October 31, 2014


I don't like the term small business. It sets a tone I'm not trying to give off. Small Business. What does that really mean? Sure we can look at annual earnings, assets, amount of employees, and the number locations. But within every entrepreneur exists a very big plan...a huge vision. When vying for the attention of major companies, record labels, agencies, and media remember they too were considered small. This is more of an ode to independence. The time and energy spent on being discovered should be invested in building your brand.  Look at these 3 tips on building a legendary company. 


Believe & Never Give Up

A filmmaker friend and I were talking about money and life goals. During that conversation I mentioned how a now multibillion soda company only sold about 25 bottles the first year in business. The major reason businesses thrive is because the creators believe in their product. They are the first people sold on what it is they are producing. Henry Ford faced ridicule from "experts" who said the V8 engine was impossible. Believing in his vision led him to deliver a revolutionary reality. Longevity is out of the picture if you give any given point on the journey. 


Quality Over Quantity

Quality is what builds brands. I'd rather provide one service to one person with quality than have 100 clients and provide mediocre results. People pay for quality. It's why specialty shops rake in millions of dollars on less items sold. They are able to charge premium rates. It is your responsibility to focus on quality. It makes the difference in how long you are around.


Business Model

The business model is the activity behind the scenes that run the company. It includes identifying revenue sources, your customer base, marketing, and the details of financing. In order to successfully run a brand you must have a system of conducting business. A business model is in addition to product/service creation and maintenance. 


In order to establish a brand that stands the test of time one must believe, set a standard of quality, and commit to a functional business model. Every company started out small and depending on comparsions are still "small". Let's do away with a that mindset and see our companies based on the size of our visions.


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