Landing Clients: Some People Don't Want What You Have

October 29, 2014

In business, a major focus is the client. As a matter of fact, once you know who you are and what you offer, the next step is to get as many clients as you can. In music, you want listeners; in film, you want viewers; in fashion you want shoppers, and in writing you want readers. The list goes on. Regardless of the industry one must realize some people don't want what you have to offer. Here are 3 things you should know before investing time, energy, and money in marketing your brand for new customers. 


Know Your Client

While working with other brands, I've noticed the absence of a client profile; the demographics of those they serve or would like to serve. Often times business owners want to service whoever will listen or engage. The problem with this strategy is that is isn't one. Knowing your client defines your marketing mix; product, placement, packagung, and price. Tyler Perry is probably not going to pitch one of his Madea films to a group of Wall Street bankers as a form of entertainment. Having a client profile doesn't limit the opportunity for new buyers, it just provides clarity for targeting a specific market; group most likely to engage in business with you.


Be Ready to Serve

Plenty of business owners have received a landslide of orders they are unable to fulfill - from pretzel makers to fashion boutiques. Yes, things pop up but be sure to take on projects you can handle and deliver on your promise. 


Be Ready to Get Paid

There is nothing worse than having someone contact you for a service without a formal way to receive payment. Everything doesn't have to be perfect but you must position yourself to render services due and be ready to get paid. Set up your PayPal buttons, create invoices as documents, and make arragnegements for Direct Deposit. Have your Agreements, & Terms & Conditions in place including a product/service delivery system. 


Gaining clients isn't as hard as you think. It's all in the strategy used. Clarity on who you serve, and being prepared to give and receive are keys in building your brand and income. 



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