Time Management: 5 Tips to Maximize the Return On Your Energy

October 23, 2014

Like money, life and time are investments. And what we do with both determines productivity and results. So what's a creative to do with the 24 hours given in a day? Here are 5 tips to maximizing and managing your time successfully.


1. Plan & Prioritize

For starters, things will not go according to plan precisely. Plans are not psychic predictions of what will happen just maps created as a guide to our goal. Getting over that leaves room for surprises, new options, and better routes. Take the last week of the month to plan for the next three months ahead; with the first month having more details than the last two. 


These plans should start with goals and end with how to accomplish them. Then commit to breaking down first months goals into weekly plans and finally daily routines. All of these plans are really part of one major operation to take over the world or whatever your pursuit is. 


2. Use Your Calendar

I adore agendas and realized how much I don't use them. Commit to marking meetings and due dates for business and personal activities. Then refer to it daily; preferably being a day ahead. 


3. Pencil In Living

Business is only part of your existence. And the happier you are in your personal life the better you do in the "office". Pencil in prayer and meditation, playtime with children, excercise, meals and sleep. Vamp life is not popping; regardless of what others do. I always say if you aren't physically well your dreams suffer the consequences. You will not reap or enjoy the fruits of your labor. And sleep is natural medicine for the body, mind and spirit.  


4. Stay Focused

You have to be discipline when it comes to managing time. Social Media is probably one of the major distractions in today's culture. Along with other idol activities like empty conversations, online games, and taking selfies. Always ask yourself about the ROE, the Return On your Energy. If it's not producing results (like income, laughter with family, and clarity within) stop investing your time in it. 


5. Make It A Habit

Successful time management is like any other skill; it's a form of behavior. Keep practicing on a daily basis and it will become a part of who you are. If you find yourself off track, just regain focus. What you don't want to do is try to turn back the hands of time; mainly because you waste time in doing so. Reschedule activities if necessary and keep on going. 


We all have 24 hours in a day and if we needed more the Creator would have provided it. So it's that we don't have enough time, it's that we need to use it wisely. Don't overload your T0-Do list, utilize resources effectively (including human beings, and most of all be patient and committed. You'll accomplish your goals in no time at all. 


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