Huge Business Faux Pas: Validation Is Overrated

October 22, 2014

People may be the number one reason preventing you from launching a new idea. Why? Because of validation; to give official sanction, confirmation, or approval. If Jackie Robinson, Martin Luther King, Jr., Amelia Earhart, Oprah Winfrey, Tyra Banks, NASA, William Watson, Harriet Tubman, Henry Ford, the Tuskegee Airmen, Barak Obama, and a scroll of others would have waited for someone else's approval we wouldn't be talking about them now. 


Validation is overrated. Here's why.


No One Like You

I use my Blue Jean Theory in encouraging others to start and continue with their business ventures. Gap, Y-3, and Guess all make blue denim jeans 

yet each company is successful. It's because no one is like you. No one has the 

brand concepts you have. Transferring this same perspective, few share the same vision. I don't believe in haters, just others who don't see what I see.

Accepting this truth will take you far. 


The Life Quality of Validators

Often times those who don't approve of your vision lack vision of their own. You cannot expect someone to give to you what they can't offer themselves. Step 

back and look at their quality of life. Think about it. Now, let's say the individual (company, agency, or label) is ideal; they are still human beings. You are just as

capable of walking in greatness without them giving you the green light. 


Pioneers Make Tracks

A pioneer is one who develops or is the first to use or apply something new. There may be times when you are literally the only one who believes in your

pursuits. The idea may have never been explored, the career path may be foreign to  family members and friends, the method may have never been thought of. There is always a first. In some cases, you will be the one to prove 



It's good to have people in your corner but opinions are subject to change. Understand that your voice carries weight. Besides you have to be sold on the idea before anyone else.  It's simple validation is overrated because it's unnecessary.


Carry On...Keep Building.


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