TJMDaily: Stand Firm, Truth Never Changes

October 21, 2014

The Truth. Awareness helps us see the truth clearly. The greatest lesson on Truth is the Sun. It remains the same. Even when the clouds are out, it's still shining. And that's the truth. Even when lies try to drown it out, the truth remains the same. 


In your life make it a habit to live out the Truth which is best practiced in authenticity. Don't get swallowed up in rubbish and conterfiet spirits. Your life's fragrance and engery flows best when you are standing firm in the Truth. In order to do so, you must first discover who you are...the True You. And once he or she is discovered make it a priority to allow that person to live; allow that person to breathe in new spaces and philosophies. 


Life is all a journey of revealing the truth and the real you to no one else but you. The world just benefits by the results of that experience.


The Truth indeed sets us Free. 


OWN Your Greatness,





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