TJMDaily: Simplicity Is Found In The Big Picture

October 20, 2014

I'm very detail oriented. Not perfect just caught up in the details. Yesterday I was stopped to realize that keeping my eyes on the big idea is just as important. It makes life much simpler too. I'm learning not to get too focused on the hows. I'm learning that we must focus on each moment and not be overwhelmed by the many moments ahead of us. 


In my spirit I was shown how small 1 day appears rather than the 1,440 minutes that make up that day. On a regular basis we can be paralyzed by a fraction of a moment and miss the day. Moving forward recognize that there is no need to be overwhelmed by the 1,440 minutes that make up 24 hours that make up one day. When we look at the bigger picture it doesn't seem so tremendous. It's a breeze. Yes we exist throughout the 86,400 seconds that make up a day, but isn't it easier to see it as simply 1 day. 


In this moment and the next, take in a deep breath and look at the big picture and then what you can do in this moment. If Michelangleo would have been overwhelmed with details he would have never finished the Sistene Chapel which took 345,600 seconds. 


Be easy.


OWN Your Greatness, 



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