The 6 Corporations Who Own 90% of What We View & Why You Have A Media Company Too

October 17, 2014

Media: the main means of mass communication (especially television, radio, newspapers, and the Internet) regarded collectively.


Who Owns What

Of all the shows, films, and networks in America sending out stories of "reality" and non, about 90% of that media (including print and radio) is owned by 6 corporations. GE, Disney, News Corp, Time Warner, Viacom, and CBS have notable properties like Pixar, NBCUniversal, Fox, MTV, BET, Nick Jr., Smithsonian Channel, and others. 


When you are glued to the television and radio station think about the foundation of what is seen and heard. Watch what you are watching from a business perspective. Viewers get engaged in the programming while business (wo)men look at the credits, storyline, and production. 


Your Media Company

Media is a powerful tool; it is the means used to share a message from the eyes of the one who controls it. Each and everyday we are bombarded with stories and based on the person telling that story the endings may vary. You have a media company too. The messages you send out is your story. Ever wonder why social media is so popular? It's like tv, radio, print, and film rolled into one; and its distribution company - the Internet.


Watch Your Mouth & Mind Your Money

As you post, comment, blog, and share understand that each timeline created is part of your media mix and the mission you set out to accomplish. Use it for good and as Google says don't be evil.  


How many of your friends promote huge companies like Nike, Christian Louboutin, Tropicana and the rest? Each photo, rhyme, and video with their names as hash tags are increasing these companies' sales...not your friends. And most certainly not yours. Start to capitalize by strategically using your voice and the outlets you already invest your time and money in. 


Remember, media is simply communicating a message to a group of people. It not only influences those who receive that message but it sets a tone for your brand. So, how are you putting your media company to use?


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