TJMDaily: Moving Forward & Backward Are Both A Choice

October 17, 2014

Moving forward and moving backward are both a choice. In recent business discussions, I've had to make choices and in each I had to ask myself is this a move forward or backward. And this morning, it sunk in that moving backward is a choice. We may not see it that way in certain situations; often times we find ourselves in the results of a backwards move and wonder how we got there. Settling is a sign of a backward move, so is making a choice out of fear or a concern for the opinions of others. 


Understanding this truth, that moving backwards is a choice, we will be able to identify where we are in our lives and gauge where we want to go. It's empowering to know that our destiny isn't by luck or chance. It truly lies in our choices to move with what we believe is right and within our hearts. 


Every answer won't be clear; atleast in the natural. And that's what Faith is; a belief in the unseen. But our belief, our faith is an assurance that what we hope for is a reality. 


Keep moving ... forward. 


OWN Your Greatness, 



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