TJMDaily: Gratitude Changes Your Entire Perspective

October 16, 2014

Gratitude. It's a state of being that must be practiced. This morning's prayer consisted of a list of things I was thankful for; among them was running water, the ability to see, forgiveness and faith. There is so much we overlook because of a have not mentality. I'm not sure of when it happens, but at some point we get so caught up in what's wrong with Life that we are led down a trail far away from gratitude. And gratitude is the gateway to greater.


In all things we are to be grateful. How many times have you endured a bit of pain only to look back and discover it was all working for good? The Universe is thrusting greatness at us daily. It is diligently seeking for us. Hunting us down. Looking to give all we need and desire. Gratitude opens our Eyes. It wakes us up to all that is well in Life...within us. 


Love...Happiness...Riches...Wisdom...all of these AHHmazing elements are hovering around us waiting to be received. Gratitude greets them and welcomes them in. Gratitude. It Changes Your Entire Perspective. 


OWN Your Greatness,




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