The Mindset of Success: 3 Keys to being Great in Entrepreneurship

October 2, 2014

On a recent radio interview with Entertainment Lawyer Prisciyla Hawkes Esq. I was asked about the difference in the mindset I had toward success from the time I started as an entrepreneur until now. That question sparked this article, The Mindset of Success. Here are 3 Keys to being great in Entrepreneurship (and any area of Life). 


Define Success For Yourself

What does success mean, look like, and feel to you? Far too often, we are trying to live out the success of other influences be it family, friends, culture, and society. We all know about the American Dream; go to school, get good grades, graduate from college, get a job, get married, buy a home, have 2.5 children and a dog. I obtained this cookie-cutter template of life early on (except for the dog...and 1.5 children) and realized it just wasn't for me. It did not fill voids within my heart.


This is when I chose to define success for myself. Success is discovering your life's purpose and then fulfilling it (regardless of industry, position, or calling). You have to define success for yourself and commence to obtaining it. 

Measure Your Progress

Once you define Success on your terms, you must measure your progress. While people use numbers, money, material possession, and popularity as tools of measuring success are just the results of already being successful; they do not define success. For example, Thomas Edison's success is in creating the electric light bulb; all of the rewards that came along with this invention were results of his success.


Going back to my definition, success is discovering your purpose and fulfilling it. I measure success by asking: Have I discovered my purpose? Check! Am I doing what I know to do to fulfill it on a consistent basis? Check! Now the results of my success are generating income, being able to have you read this article, appear on radio shows, and partake in amazing events behind the scenes. 


Believe in Yourself

Confidence (a quiet belief in oneself) is key in success. You must be enthusiastic about your ideas, abilities, and business. Growth is stunted when you don't believe in yourself.  I have been criticised to the worse degree by people who've known me my entire life. This is not about other people cheering you on; validation is not a prerequisite for confidence. We all have a voice within us inspiring hope and belief. This voice tells us we are able, made for more, and preapproved for success. It is up to us to believe that voice and pursue our dreams. 


So there you have it: Define Success, Measure Your Progress, and Believe In Yourself. Understand that this may require a shift in your thinking and habits but it is well worth the rewards and the success that makes it all possible. 


Create with me or let me know about a topic you'd like to hear about next. Connect at or 678-760-9595. 




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