Shad Moss: The Makings of a Mogul

September 16, 2014

Mogul (/mōgəl/) is generally defined as a very powerful person in business or industry. I'd say Shad Moss embodies the definition of millennial mogul; having the ability to influnece today's generation of gamechangers and take-overs. Not many have done it quite like Shad Moss; having successful runs in music, movies, and television (with new ventures on the horizon - #ndivodka) by the age of 27. 


Here are three mogul traits Shad Moss possesses that you should too:



Life is all about change. And if you are established in authenticity this will translate into your business. If you are growing personally, your brand should experience growth also. Being able to transition is a trait Shad Moss has honed gracefully; from Lil' Bow Wow to Bow Wow and now simply Shad Moss. Moguls are successful because they find stability in change. They (those from Warren Buffet to Jay-Z) are able to maneuver in any market within their industry. 



With transition comes relevance. When you think of it, staying relevant is a product of moving with the times yet remaing true to your brand. President Obama is the first to use Social Media in a presidential campaign. It's a huge part of his journey to the Oval Office. Social Media is a powerful thing. Shad Moss' secret weapon of

relevance is youthfulness (this too is a powerful device). In fact, Shad Moss' performance at President Obama's Kids' Inaugural Concert attests to that truth. The boy who played an orphan without a home has gone on to share the 106 & Park couch with the First Lady of the White House, Michelle Obama. 



Charm is something you can't buy...but it's definitely a skill you can learn. In Warren Buffet's case he picked up a book: How to Win Friends & Influence People By Dale Carnegie.  Connecting with people is often innate; a characteristic some may say Shad was born with. Either way charisma...far from flirting...but genuinely connecting with an audience of fans, employees, clients, or investors goes a lot further than any other element. It beats out skill and even hard work at times. Always remember: Relationships are the currency of life.


Moving forward, Shad Moss should continue to capitlize on these traits while adding new methods of transition and relevance specifically in interaction with his target market. I'm definitely looking towards what the future holds for him (ideas are literally coming to me in my sleep). 


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