Find Your Niche: How Tyler Perry Makes Millions at the Box Office

June 10, 2014

In marketing and advertising it's easy to be overlooked even with huge billboards and high cost print ads. Getting spots in quality media like O, The Oprah Magazine or Complex becomes more like elevator music - often expected yet ignored. Reason being: the market is saturated with POP UPs, CLICK HEREs, and CATCH PHRASES.


Think of it, the greatest concept about cable is that it has no commercials. So, finding your niche and working the heaven out of it is best practice for profitable results.  A niche is a distinct segment, market, or product. With films like Temptation bringing in sales of $51,975,354 (, Tyler Perry is King when it comes to the niche business. Here is how you too, can become a BIG fish in a small pond and win no matter what. 


Follow Your Gut

It all starts with an idea. And not just a fly by night idea or something simply to make money. No, I am talking about an idea that comes from within. Hearing today's successful entrepreneurs speak about love and how it correlates to business really inspires me and makes me realize this truth more and more. You must follow your gut.


John Mackey of Whole Foods and Howard Schultz of Starbucks both mention love being a huge part of their worklife and success. Tyler Perry follows his gut. He uses what resonates within and creates it into a film or song. I see dreams on the stage and big screen when attending a play or watching a film. When you find a way to tell your story, whether through art, dance, or fashion, keep telling that story using different colors, movements, and fabrics. 


Create a Magnet

Niche is all about being specific. For example, Tyler's films focus on women, the trials they experience and how God can change it all. Yes there is comedy, a few public services announcements on health, and I appreciate the images of successful Americans who look like me. However, the heartbeat of his storyline is females overcoming obstacles by love and forgiveness; that is his recipe. So when you make a product with such a strong identity you attract an audience who resonates strongly with it. Creatives tend to create a lot; you have to narrow down what you love and are able to deliver consistently. 


Fisher of Men

Once you follow your gut and create a dynamic product that expresses your passion you must invite your audience to enjoy it. See advertising as a celebration of your creation. Go directly to the people who would benefit and let them know about it. This is what niche marketing really is. Investing in huge ad campaigns is like throwing up a deck of cards and hoping atleast one is caught by a consumer. Why not deal the cards directly to your guests?


Follow your gut. Create a Magnet. Be a Fisher of Men. 


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