Personal Branding: Why Tyra is Bankable for Disney-ABC Talk Show Deal

June 9, 2014

In recent media news, Tyra Banks is said to have inked a new daytime talk show deal with Disney-ABC. According to BlackEnterprise "the talk show is set to air in 2015 with the 40-year-old business mogul leading a team of lifestyle experts as they discuss topics ranging from fashion and beauty, to home and entertainment, to empowerment and business." From a personal branding perspective Tyra Banks fits the bill becuase of her Audience, Awkwardness, and Audacity.



America's Next Top Model (ANTM), launched in 2003 and now in its 21st season, has created a following for Tyra Banks that not many models can claim. Being a supermodel  has its limits; you appear in magazines, on the runway, and a few commercials however there is no set platform. ANTM really set Tyra apart becuase it opened up a vault where she could attract not only aspiring models, but those interested in fashion, photography, and entertainment in general. Having an audience is a form of currency in entertainment and media and causes companies like Disney-ABC to want to work with you. In some cases shows, films, and products are created with a specific person in mind. 


While builidng  your personal brand be aware of the audience you serve and ways to increase your reach. 



Tyra is totally aware of her tall stature and wide forehead. She speaks about it often to her audience both on ANTM and her former Emmy winning talk show, The Tyra Banks Show.  Along with her sense of humor, transparency, and business smarts (Banks spent some time at Harvard Business School),  Tyra's ability to use those features to her advantage is essential. Embracing who you are and realizing that your differences are what set you apart is key in personal branding.



For the avid ANTM viewers, I'm sure you remember the episode when Tyra recorded a song and had the models appear in her music video. And while Tyra is no Whitney and never claimed to be, I appreciated her audacity. In front of tons of viewers, Tyra literally used her platform and resource to make a dream come true. Taking risks and dreaming big come with the territory of entrepreneurship.


Personal branding is a mash up of audacity, awkwardness and audience. Keep building.




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