Trademarking: The Many Hats of Pharrell Williams and Why 1 Sold for $44,100

June 5, 2014

First seeing Pharrell, singer-songwriter, super producer, and my fellow birthday mate (April 5), in his 10 gallon Vivienne Westwood Buffalo hat all I could think of was Trademarking. 


More than registering a logo or slogan with the Division of Corporations, trademark- ing is a distinctive characteristic by which a person or thing comes to be known. It's 

the way you create and deliver a product or service that sets you a part from the 

crowd. The paperwork comes once you conquer being different. Here are a few tips

on elevating your brand through trademarking.


Personal Style

Pharrell is known for his one-of-a kind way of dressing. You may spot him in a tee, army fatigues, and a pair of Ice Creams or a fedora, bow-tie and a tailor made suit. He is definitely a chameleon when it comes to clothing. Regardless of what you wear, your personal fashion sense makes an impact on the audience. I think what Pharrell has done is remained true to himself when it comes to style; not trying to fit in or stand out but wearing what he wants when he wants.  And in this seemingly inconsistency, he consistently makes his mark in appearance. 



Be a brand others want to be associated with. And be mindful of the company you keep. Making a film, an album, piece of art, or article of clothing is first for the artist and then for others. Providing a quality experience is key in gaining attention and sales. People want to be in the same company and space of value and success. This is why rising and established acts feature and want to work with people like Pharrell. It's about association. 


Do Something Great

In addition to making great music, Pharrell makes a difference. Arby's purchased the brown moutain hat worn on the 56th Annual Grammy Awards for $44,100 which benefits From One Hand to AnOther, an organization founded by Pharrell, serving underserved youth. What cause are you supporting? Whether big or small, using your wealth, celebrity, and resources to help others is something great. From retail buying experience, I know the material used to make Pharrell's hat didn't cost $44,100, it is the mere fact that it was worn by Pharrell and is a link to what he stands for. 


Click here to see Pharrell share his musical influences with Oprah on Oprah Prime.


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