Brand Bey: 3 Reasons Why Beyonce Reigns in Business

June 2, 2014

Ever wonder how some people just seem to always be successful? Even in their failures, certain brands rise to the top and the Brand of Bey is one. I'm sure you've thought to yourself how is it that one person can sell out arenas; climb the charts; act a bit; create a fragrance; establish a clothing line; and still have a family. If you haven't, I definitely have. In additions to the Universe working in her favor, Beyonce has three important elements all entrepreneurs should implement while building their empires. 



After finally discovering your skills and what you are called to offer the world, you must be consistent. In the beginning you may switch up from one idea to another. And that's healthy. Tashima Jones Media started out as ReflexionMedia and went on through so many seemingly random stages. But it was all a part of development. The consistency I speak of is what you stand for. 


Look at the roles Beyonce has played in films like Dream Girls and Obsessed. They line up with her brand promise of being feminine and powerful. Whether humming a tune about putting a ring on it; telling you to listen; or singing about buying her own ish, Beyonce sparks courage and has the ability to bring out the "diva" in her female consumers. Her albums are all consistently empowering to woman. And that's a huge reason why girls like Beyonce. 


Be consistent in what you stand for. 



In preparing to see Beyonce perform, most of us expect a good show so much so that a slip or  fall will be devastating to the audience. The funny thing is the one time Bey took a dive on stage, a person told me, "I went as a listener, now I'm a fan."


It was Beyonce's ability to bounce back and deliver a quality concert. Now most new entrepreneurs think quality takes a lot of money. And it doesn't. What it does take is time and great allocation skills. It is better to invest in one valuable product than 10 mediocre ones. And if your voice is the product, invest in making it better.


Be consistent and deliver quality. 



Image isn't everything but it's the first asset consumers meet. The problem with image is that many appear to have it all together and once you get past the wrapping paper the package is empty or has totally different contents inside. The key in projecting the right image is knowing the product, service, and who you are.


Beyonce portrays a modern day pop diva with an old fashion elegance mixed with the girl next door. So one minute you'll see her singing in a flawless gown with big curls at the White House and the next, doing the snake in a pair of cutoffs with a blonde bob in Brooklyn. Image is all about expressing who you are. There is nothing worse than meeting your favorite entertainer and finding out he or she is a total jerk or worse - not talented. And you shouldn't expose your fans to that disappointment either. Invest in your image (packaging) and make sure the contents match. 


Be consistent, deliver quality, and always...Be yourself.


I want you to watchCNN's video, Beyonce: Becoming a Businesswoman.

It's only 2 mins. 56secs. It's worth the listen. 



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