Producers, Record Deals & Technology: How Ryan Leslie Leads the Nation in Relationship Marketing

May 22, 2014

I hesitate to call it Relationship Marketing because the term Marketing can seem like a dirty word. In a world where we are being sold products and services via text, email, posts, and tweets it can feel like companies and personalities are not really interested in the consumer as much as they are their cashflow. Because I went to business school I can spot certain strategies from afar. But when I speak about Ryan Leslie the idea of Staying Connected fits better.


Build Rapport

Leslie is using real life relationship skills to both promote and enhance who he is as a person and businessman. On a personal level I believe an Artist, a true Artist at the heart wants to share what they imagined and manifested with those in reach and afar. And what better way to do that than creating a private music club, giving out your number, and participating in intimate events that are not televised (like Connects' In Living Color:)).


As a businessman, Leslie is positioning himself in a way very little if any at his level are pursuing. Recognizing that films can be created on iPhones, albums can be sold online, and beats can be published right from the living room of a genius in Harlem, Leslie is using the basics to build a tribe or a nation of people who genuinely like him. Building relationships is key to the success of your empire whether it's in plumbing, jewelry-making, or music. It's a huge reason why 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your clients. And I see Leslie being on a quest to find that 20%.



Create Opportunities

Along the way Ryan appears to be incorporating opportunities for Renegades and others like a chance at being signed to his new label and having members' instrumentals considered for the new #RenegadeNation album through Black Phoenix Beat Club.


Long story short, Ryan Leslie is using the best branding strategy ever: being Human. There is no competition when you are simply being yourself.  


Visit Black Phoenix Beat Club and Disruptive Multimedia for more. 

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