Branding Tips from The Forbes Five: Hip-Hop's Wealthiest Artists 2014

May 16, 2014

My mind automatically reverts to Branding just from reading the article on The Forbes Five: Hip-Hop's Wealthiest Artists 2014. As an entrepreneur its so important to pay attention to how someone got in the millionaire tax zone. Its cool to listen to an artist's recent single but what's more important is the journey it took for those like Diddy to get to the seven figure and better mark. The big factor: Brand Image.


What is a Brand?

Most things in life are all about image especially in entertainment industry. But the truth is Branding is more than what one is wearing its the essence of the movement they are leading. At one point the term brand was simply a logo that help differentiate similar products like Pepsi and Coke. Over time the term has become more than a logo; it is the perspective consumers have about your company. It is how a person feels just thinking about your products or services. So we can't leave it up to our Instagram photos to sell what we have to offer. We must really evaluate who we are as an entity, and where we want to go.


Do it over and over again

Once we discover the essence of our companies as far as what we stand for be it luxury, comfort, celebratory or and activism we must then allow that same message to represented everywhere we go. There are so many rappers using social media for everything except for their music. I mean there is a post here and there about an album but that can be 1 out of 10 posts. On top of that there is no dialogue or personality within the post. Its usually "follow me" or "cop the new release". You have to be a real person and still keep in mind that you are a business-man.


Make them Avid Buyers

Your brand is the reason people want to buy your album, film, or dress. For example Prince, Janet Jackson, and Beyonce have loyal buyers who will purchase an album without even hearing a single. It's because of the brand developed and implemented over time. Avid consumers purchase merchandise, tickets, clothing and more because of how they feel when listening to, attending, and wearing products. They are sure not doing it to make the seller richer.


Look at how many artists rap about Gucci and Louis Vuitton. These brands have a standard of excellence and make their clients feel the same. Once you establish a sound brand identity your clients will sell your product for you.Remember you are more than just a product or service, you are an entity. When you see yourself as so, daily activities won't be business as usual. You will make wiser, cohesive choices that will bring you great results and wealth in the long run.


Click here the entire article and see what Diddy's message is to today 's young entrepreneur.

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