Transition: 4 Tools for Your LifeKit

The Earth is in transition...and so are Human Beings. There comes a moment in each of our individual lives when we have to shift gears. Transitions never begin when the effects are visible or felt. In truth, transition takes place little by little until one moment reveals the change that has been occurring all along.

In this moment of transition, here are few tools to have in your LifeKit.

REST. Like a woman in labor, there are moments of rest, where she has to stop pushing. It's the point of crowning. You have come a long way; trusting, believing, and remaining faithful. Now is not the time to get anxious or afraid. Stay in rest.

Focus. There will never be a shortage of information. It is so vital to stay focused on the main thing. Imagine a woman in labor taking her attention off of delivering her child to accept a phone call, check the news, or purposelessly scroll on social media. You must stay focused. Continue to build.

Stick to the Plan. Plans of Spirit never change. They will be carried out. In times of transition, do not consider a new plan. Don’t start looking for a new thing. Remember the promises because those are the very plans coming to fruition. Stick to the plan.

Practice Boldness. Transition is what you have been waiting for so be bold. Change can cause some to shrink back and become afraid. This is not the time to do so. You must practice boldness. Have courage and let the reality of destiny being fulfilled give you the courage needed to actually experience it.


Photo: Jeremy Bishop/Pexels


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