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Sweet Beet - The Undecided Vegan

The fastest food we can ever enjoy consists of fruits and vegetables. For this installment of The Undecided Vegan we are digging in to Beets, Sweet Potatoes, and Ensalada (Salad). It's super simple!

This dish is the result of the early stages of changing my daily menu. It's one that came from desiring to try something new. With that being said, it's important to note how food makes you feel emotionally, mentally, and physically. So, remember to go slowly, adding and removing food that works well and nourishes you at the same time.

1. Get pre-prepped and sliced beets.

2. Boil and bake your sweet potatoes.

3. Make your best salad, adding nuts, fruits, and veggies to your liking.

4. Enjoy!

Credit: Eva B./Pexels

Credit: Anastasia B./Pexels
Credit: Karolina G./Pexels


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