Spring Cleaning: Relationships

Relationships is one of the most vital areas in our life. Contrary to many may want, no man or woman is an island. We live and interact with people on a regular basis. Some we know more than others but nevertheless, human beings are an essential part of our existence.

With that being said, we must be mindful of the quality of the relationships we keep. They come in all shapes and sizes; plutonic, professional, familial, and digital. If left unattended, our relationships can drift into a sea of decline or simple stagnation.

And this is where a bit of Spring Cleaning comes in handy. We do it with clothes, shoes, and the house itself. Why not with our relationships? Like a garden, our bonds require pruning, watering and yes, vibrant sunlight.

Pruning. To prune is to remove the unwanted parts of a thing. As far as relationships are concerned, we must pluck up and cut off unproductive thoughts, emotions, behavior and personalities that do not profit us. The focus needs to be on the actions and behaviors that do not yield us good fruit. Doing so looks like refraining from negative conservations or interactions that pull us away from dreams and desires.

Watering. Water is life to a plant. It purifies and strengthens. In relationships, water represents transparency and truth. Connections built on lies and a counterfeit foundation will ultimately crumble. Keep authentic relationships in tact and let the other ones go.

Sunlight. Light ignites photosynthesis; the process of energy conversion. You want relationships that are actually growing. Without growth there is no vitality. The concept of relationship is a connection (relation) that gets you from one place to another (ship). This takes intention, truth, and love.