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Honey Barbecue Breadcrumbs - The Undecided Vegan

Did you know veggies can be seasoned? That may sound like a random question, but this is a common barrier for those who subscribe to a meat-based diet. Many believe that they'll have to sacrifice flavor for clean eating when in fact both benefits can exist at the same time. Adding a dash of pepper, garlic, and other spices can be a game changer on your journey of eating more greens, legumes, and the like. Take a chance on a plate of Honey Barbecue Breadcrumbs.

  1. Honey wheat breadcrumbs (you can use a bread of choice including flat bread)

  2. Rainbow Peppers

  3. Okra

  4. Honey Barbecue Sauce

  5. Olive Oil (or alternative)

  6. Seasoned as desired

  7. Sauté, allowing bread to get a bit crispy

  8. Enjoy!

Credit: J. Lewis Creative/Pexels

Credit: V. Bowers/Pexels

Credit: Mareefe/Pexels
Credit: Mareefe/Pexels


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