Dis Ease: Where Healing is Needed

Life, true life, is lived in a state of rest. And when one finds themselves in disruption and discomfort, dis - ease will follow. Meditation is medicine. It is what medication mimics. Most (med)icine simply reduces symptoms while the body does what it’s created to do - heal itself.

Rest is a way of life. It is a practice that we most employ daily. The body is an extension of the mind; remember, our inner reality creates the outer form. And when we reflect on the spiritual truth, that thoughts are things, we are able to reconcile our inner being and five sensory self. We were created to exist in unity with Spirit and all the parts of self.

So, in a state of disorder and discomfort, the true remedy is our meditation. What are you meditating on? What are you chewing on within? What are you thinking about a.k.a what are you telling yourself over and over and over again? When we face the inner being through transparency; when we purify our mind and detox our soul, at that moment, we find internal and eternal healing.


Watch EP. 58 of LifeClub on True Meditation.



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