1 Minute - Mediation: What We Seek

For our 1-Minute of Meditation, we are focusing on what we’re seeking. With each and every day we are all in search of a thing. And what we’re looking for falls into the categories of love, provision, safety and companionship. We search for these treasures at work, in people, and in the systems of this world. We are looking to fulfill these needs and desires through what we wear, who we associate with, and even education. On this journey of life we must be mindful of what and who we seek.

This week, for at least 1 – minute, meditate on what or who your heart is seeking. Be intentional about this discovery. And as you do Seek enlightenment not entertainment. To entertain is to distract from reality but enlightenment shifts it; making it more abundant, more peaceful and more enjoyable - without the need to escape it at all.

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