Seeking Your Truth

On this journey of finding ourselves, we must be seekers of truth. From the coil of our hair, to our skin tone, and height everything about our true selves was made with intention. Too often we seek to create ourselves versus discovering who we were created to be.

At some point, we must pump our breaks and sit still long enough to hear what Life is revealing to us. Your blessings may not know how to find you because you aren't standing in the true version of yourself. To be more clear, our blessings are set up for the authentic self; your mate, your home, your purpose and place of co-creation aka work were all designed for a specific form of you. Here are 3 Truths we must all seek.

Seek Spirit

If you are an avid listener or member of LifeClub. You know all about or are at least beginning to learn about the very real Spirit Realm we live in. From gravity to ultrasounds, we are conducting life within a world not revealed to the natural eye. The sooner you start to seek that realm the more clear it and the real you will become. Seek Spirit and all treasures will find you.

Seek Wisdom

Not for nothing, no one wants to be the fool in the room. We must all admit when we have made some silly decisions. And it's a very spiritually wack position to find ourselves in. Seeking wisdom has to be a main priority. With all the information available to us, it's quite interesting how the simplest things unveil life's treasure. Seek enlightenment not entertainment. To entertain is to distract from reality but enlightenment shifts it; making it more abundant, more peaceful and more enjoyable - without the need to escape it at all. #selah

Seek Love

Love has been done dirty; it's often portrayed as lust, pain, or pure fluff. Love, real love, is like a well - built foundation of a home. Like a gardener caring for his garden. Like a shepherd tending his flock. Love is transparent, strength, patient, and honest. Love reveals brokenness only to repair it. Love sheds light to remove dark places. Love heals and liberates. Love elevates. Seek love.



Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

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