Money: In Spirit We Trust

Have you ever stopped to think about how In God We Trust stares back at us on the dollars we spend yet we trust in the dollar bill more than we do Spirit? When it comes to finance, we have to dig deeper into our philosophy towards money and be honest about what we truly depend on.

Like everything else in the land of LifeClub, money is spiritual. The concepts of independence from Spirit yields to greater dependence on money. And with money being currency it is in and of itself a constant state of ebb and flow. Everyone depending on it will be also; left without any form of stability. Understand there is no true concept of financial stability and the only freedom in it is being free from it.

Mind Your Money Mentality

Some do not fully understand their personal philosophy towards money. They go based on what was taught in the household; and these lessons can be directly or indirectly learned. Other sources of financial literacy are found in media, entertainment. Very rarely is the subject taught in traditional schools and yes there are books filled with information about how to manage it. But your money mentality is key in developing a healthy posture towards money. Check out this article to start to discovering your money mentality.

Relationship with Money

On the other hand, some don't even understand money itself. They find themselves in a weird space; like being in a romantic commitment with someone you don't even know. Like, you are working with them, working for them, trusting in them but you don't even know their character or behavior. Once you discover your money mentality, you must cultivate a healthy relationship with it. And like dating and marriage, you can't lose your true self in the process. #selah

Money is a Tool

Money doesn't define; it is like water to a seed. It helps things grow. But at the same time it also reveals what's in the heart. It will cultivate and amplify whatever seed you have within. #selah


Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

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