Tending Your Thoughts

There is power in knowing your free will and superpower to choose your thoughts.

When we get to a place of clarity aka peace, we are better equipped to make quality decisions in regards to how we think and what we think.

Here are a few paradigms to meditate on, along your journey of changing your mind (literally):

Deal with Toxic Emotions A feeling is produced by a thought. Thoughts are energy in motion. From this truth, you arrive at the concept of e – motions. As we start to unlearn and unpack loads of unprofitable emotions, we make room for new thoughts to enter the garden of our mind.


In doing so, we get to a space of clarity – which is simply peace (the absence of war). Clarity doesn’t mean we always know what to do – but it is the space in which we can receive the answer.


Writing is truly cathartic; it is one of the first forms of manifestation of a thing. When we write how we feel we are able to dislodge and unblock stuck states of emotion. Writing has the ability to bring you to state of grace and forgiveness.

Selective Thinking

If you tuned in to EP 52: Where Do Thoughts Come From? you would have learned to

two forms of thought – Life and the opposite of Life. Thoughts exist in the spiritual aka invisible realm. Like suggestions from other human beings around us, so are thought from spiritual energy. Meditation on this truth, that you have the power to choose your thoughts aka seeds, unlocks the door producing the fruit you desire.



Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán

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