1 - Min. Meditation: Divine Purpose

For our 1 – Minute Meditation, we are focusing on Divine Purpose. There is a reason for our being. It can be difficult at times to discover and fully comprehend our reason for being...and being here. But all of who you are, your experiences, your height, weight, and eye color (all that is you and that represents you) act as part of your purpose. And our life’s journey is truly about finding it. And once we do, the rest of our path is about being it and doing it. A lot of people say, your purpose is found in what you like doing. I found that it may very well be the thing you don’t want to do; the thing you may like to do but in some way, feel ill - equipped to carry out. The interesting truth is that – you are intentionally designed to fulfill divine purpose. Like a table, chair, car, phone, umbrella, or key, you were handmade to complete your divine purpose. Your purpose is in all of you. Your voice, your conversations and everyday interactions, your social media feed, and even in your quiet moments. It is even the air you breathe. Your divine purpose is in both who you are and what you do.

For this week, for at least 1-minute a day allow yourself to focus on divine purpose. And If you already your path; allow yourself to believe you can actually fulfill it. Then be it. and do it.

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