Trust Issues

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Trusting can be a difficult task. Disloyalty from the past can put a dent in our openness to trust but a major key is the source we place our trust in. Now, contrary to popular belief we are not to place our trust in man. And it’s not because man aka other human beings are bad. It is really a matter of man’s ability to make promises he or she can actually keep. And with everything else on LCMAG, there is levels to this.

So, for starters, if we do place any level of trust in man, it has to be based on the character of that man and not his or her words. Maya Angelou once said, when people show you who they are believe them. Now, people change, they grow, and mature but when we think of people in regards to trust we have to look at the character of said person. And this does not come from one or two conversations. Reason being, character is seen over the course of time. It is revealed in different settings and seasons. So, if you struggle with trust between you and people use this as a key factor.

Even deeper, when it comes to relationships with others it is essential that we understand to trust a man’s character does not equate trusting him or her with your heart. Again, we trust the nature of the being. We see them for who they are and proceed accordingly; in a way that is from a space of authenticity and inner – truth. We don’t hand over our hearts to other human beings – mainly because they didn’t craft it. Being honest, we have been on the other end; hurting another (even when we didn’t even know it). At times, we experience hurt and pain because we place others at the seat of our hearts – a place only designed for Spirit to dwell.

Which leads to our second key – trusting Spirit. Trusting Spirit is a process. From building a rapport to learning how Life speaks. When speaking about this level of trust we go to the word confidence. To have confidence denotes an idea of certainty. And the only substance of certainty is Spirit. Trust issues in this area become more about knowing truth versus fallacy. And that takes time. It takes cultivating a relationship, it takes intimacy, and yes, vulnerability. The amazing truth about Life is the willingness to be proven. Life will constantly show up to you revealing truth and love.

The challenge in trusting Life is often found in this difficulty in believing in Love. Believing that Love, in all of its goodness, actually exists. In order to protect ourselves, we place guards up against the good and the bad. And this is why being transparent is so essential. To be transparent is to be so clear that light can pass through. With every gate we put up, hoping to block out disappointment, we are also cancelling out the good.

Trusting in Spirit relieves us from this need to protect ourselves – another major cause of trust issues. But it is us trusting Love, Life, and Light that we are able to have our hearts guarded by its maker.



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