1 - Min. Meditation: Recognizing The New You

For our 1-Minute Meditation we are speaking about Recognizing the New You. When you experience inner-growth, it can be challenging to recognize the new you. Too often we rely on external factors as signals of change. And in this process, I like to call Spiritual Rehab there comes a moment when you don’t fully know who you are. The you that you have become can look like a stranger. This can keep a connection to a past that has officially died. Yes, the old you has passed away and you are now a new creature. When we fully acknowledge this truth and fully accept the call on our lives we are able to fully walk into the newness of life. You have to recognize the new you. You have to look into the mirror physically and spiritually and own who you are. Forgetting the past hurts, and heartbreaks, losses and dry places. Forget the missteps you may have taken and the disappointments that left you broken. Stand firm and flat-footed in the new you. The whole you. The protected and provided for you. The loved and lovely you. The innovative and creative you. The free you. The phenomenal and victorious you.

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