1 - Min. Meditation: Setting Your Mind

For our 1-Minute of Meditation, we are focused on setting our mind. Wavering between two opinions is asure road to confusion and stagnation. There will always be options. The world is filled with them. Left Right, Up Down, This or That. Just walk into any store online or a physical location and see the options of toilet tissue, olive oil, shirts, pants, shoes, and electronics. New options are being added every day. The same is true for our beliefs, how we see ourselves, and ultimately our relationship with the Life Force. There comes a point in time when we must make a decision as to the team we are on. We must decide and accept our calling. We must decide to be great in our relationships as parents, friends, brothers, and sisters, aunts, and uncles, sons and daughters. We must decide to believe the highest thoughts pertaining to life.

We can no longer vacillate in our thinking. While doubt is an option it does not have to be our choice and the more we make the decision to believe in the truth and in the good doubt ultimately has to flee. There is a difference between choice and option. Options are potential possibilities but our choice is what we hold on to, take with us, and act on. So, this week and even this year decide to set your mind on those things are that are noble and true. Set your mind on the greatness that exists within you.

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