1 - Min. Meditation: Open To Love

For our 1-Minute of Meditation, we are focused on being open to love. For many of us, our experiences haven’t been the greatest. Relationships that hurt us, opportunities we think passed us by, and the growing pains of discovering oneself. With all that being said, we should never allow temporary moments of pain to snuff out that light and love existing within us and desiring to invade our very being. Love is real and the more open you are to receiving it, the more of it you’ll experience. Contrary to popular belief believing is seeing; it’s not the other way around. So, what you set your gaze upon, will appreciate, it will manifest and be magnified.

This week, for at least 1-minute a day, focus on being open to love. The beautiful thing about love is that it requires letting go versus working hard to obtain something. It only requires rest. Move forward knowing you are loved. Receiving that love. And living from the space...forever.

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