1 Min - Med: Transition

For our 1-Minute of Meditation, we are focused on Transition. Transition is the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another. When we find ourselves in a struggle for so long we may find it difficult to shift gears when we enter into the promise land. That land flowing with milk and honey. That land where we are living the dream we once could only imagine. It could take some time to adjust to being blessed. It may sound strange but many of us are looking over our shoulder with anxious thoughts wondering and waiting for something to go wrong. Our paradigm towards life has been so filled with death, aka lack, doubt and fear that we find it strange when everything is all good. In all truth we should think its strange for life not to be good. We must adjust our eyes and hearts and minds to our new normal, the blessed normal, the highly favored normal, the wake up at daybreak feeling good normal. That normal reflecting love, light and abundance.

This week for at least one minute focus on transition. See your life as good. Start to adjust your eyesight and recognize the blessings you are walking in. You have been proven by fire and have come out without the smell of smoke. This is truly a moment of celebration. Now adjust, and transition into rest.

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