Subconscious Insecurities

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Most insecurities are subconscious; they have been passed down through DNA since the beginning of time. The driving force behind culture starts with the man and contrary to popular belief, men don’t just sit and think about sex all day. A major area of insecurity for men is money. Even, more than money, the man is focused on being a provider. The term husband is derived from the word husbandry which means farmer, steward, or manager of the household. And fiancé is rooted in this idea of promise and trust. A man’s greatest desire (which can become his greatest insecurity) is to provide for his loved ones.

We men, true to the game men, think about our next move. The motivation for that next move is usually our woman and/or our children. There is that little thought in the back of our mind asking: do I have enough? The enough may not be money per se; it can be anything we desire. A man may think am I providing enough, is my legacy enough? A man may look up and say it's too late, I'm over 50 and still don't know myself, my purpose, or how to provide. Am I leading my family in the right direction? Do I even know how? Over time, a man can overcome insecurities pertaining to provision...if he recognizes them.

Check out a few areas to be mindful of below:

What’s Your Belief

As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. You must get clarity on your thought life. You can never go where your mind hasn’t already been. Getting your mind right, autocorrects other areas of your life including insecurities.

Speak It Into Existence

The power of spoken word is more than we truly understand. Sound is powerful. Think of the sonogram. It is an image that is derived from ultrasound waves. A man’s voice is so powerful that he can create his reality simply by speaking.

Manifest Everything

Insecurities vanish as you start to manifest the things you desire. The idea of lack starts to fade when your thoughts align with your words and actions.


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