Relationship Prerequisites

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Being single is the prerequisite for partnership. Too often we are looking to get booed up without being a whole person. As an individual, you have this freedom many people in relationships wish they had. And it’s not the liberty to frolic around with randoms. This liberty is found in developing into the person you were created to be. It’s in getting your life in order; aligning with your life’s path.

Here are 5 areas you should focus on while living single:


How you think matters. It’s a bit disturbing that many enter into situations without considering their own philosophy towards relationships and life itself. When seeking a commitment from another you must first know what you are willing to commit too. You must have a grip on how you see yourself and a vision for relationship.


Physical appearance is a huge area of insecurity. The best time to get in shape is before saying I do. It should happen before the engagement. Too often we want to look good for potential partners yet fail to do so for ourselves. This only leads us to discomfort when it comes to beach parties and galas. Get in shape and be on point with your style; including how you like to wear your hair.


Spirituality is key in relationships. We don’t place enough emphasis on spiritual practices and beliefs. This will indeed cause friction; it can also be the source of bliss. Be secure in your faith and don’t settle for anything outside of it. Selah.


Get your finances right. In addition to communication and spirituality, money is a main area of strife. And like spirituality and communication, it can also lead to healthy unions. While it's not the most importance pillar, it does impact some areas that are important. Focus on healing your finances starting with your money mentality.


You must know where you are going…or at least have some idea. Relationship is the connection made by two people who are heading in the same direction. While your mate may not have the same exact call, there should be a sense of alignment. When you discover your purpose you discover the person destined to walk out life’s path with you.


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