More Money, More Options

Photo Credit: Malcolm Garret

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Some men see money as leverage; options if you will. Money is the least of the Wealthy Man’s worry; he is more concerned with the pothole on the street he owns. That Wealthy Man will get caught up in contacting the city or county in regards to when the pothole will be fixed before he worries about money. That's what wealthy people call a good problem. If a man has $70,000 in his checking account, he has 70 options. If that same man has .44 cents in his checking account, that man knows he has more than 70 problems.

A man that doesn't educate himself on money looks at money as something you hoard. His ideology suggests the more I have in this safe or any other secret location, the wealthier I’ll be. That man believes his riches is based on a dollar amount. A man educated on money is a wealthy man; ultimately, he realizes hoarding money is only collecting dust. The Wealthy Man seeks to put his money to work, because that wealthy man knows cash breathes just like him. He understands, that he and money are working together for more options.

A couple of steps to follow through with:

  • Check your mindset when it comes to money.

  • Recognize your money won't change until your thinking does.

  • Figure out where you add value and what matters most to you.


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