Power of Appreciation

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There is power in appreciation. The word appreciate means to increase in value; what we appreciate increases in our life. Many of us find it hard to express true gratitude. Yes, we say thank you, but because we get so entangled with what’s next or what we don’t have, it’s easy to neglect a moment of appreciation.

We cannot ignore the power of words. When we speak a thing, we give it value...we give it life. So, if we are constantly speaking words of not enough or complaining about what we do not have, we are ultimately placing value on lack and not enough which only breeds the very things we don’t want.

Using our words for good increases the good we experience. We must place more value on what we do have. In doing so, we will find ourselves living in the abundance of good.

Here are a few tips on how to express thanks and employ the power of appreciation:

Say Thank You Often

The first two words you speak when you wake up should be Thank You. Be it the moment before or after you open your eyes, you should express gratitude. Make it a habit of saying thank you.

The Good You Have Was Once a Prayer

Understand this, you are walking in an answered prayer. Make it a habit of writing down your requests to the LifeForce and making a note when that prayer arrives. Remembering what you prayed for and seeing it come to fruition will keep you in a space of appreciation.

Take Stock of the Small Miracles

There may be no such thing as a small miracle, but we should become aware of how the LifeForce sustains us in our everyday lives. From the air we breathe to the sun that shines and even the rain that falls. Life itself is a miracle; at times, we are too close to it to see it.

Be grateful for the seemingly small details because they are what make up the big picture.


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