Defeating Intimidation

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Intimidation is often times linked to a traumatic event where something or someone caused a certain level of fear. While being shy may seem cute – it really is a barrier to your freedom. Intimidation is basically an act that causes timidity; at first, it’s simply the event and if not dealt with, eventually it becomes a way of being.

Here are three tips to defeating intimidation:

Trace the Root

Was it childhood bullying, a harsh manager, rejection from family, or the loss of a job or lack of security? When we are afraid of a person or event we must trace the root cause of it. A lot of people are running away from things of the past. They are trying to prevent what was from happening again all while missing the goodness of the current moment.

Look back on your life and find the moment that caused you to become fearful. See how that moment plays out over and over again in your current space of being.

Face the Fear

Now, once you connect with what was; you must face it. Facing a thing involves feeling the pain. When we do not allow pain to flow through us, it becomes blocked inside of us. A healthy way to feel the pain of a thing is through writing. Get a pen and pad and write down how a person or event made you feel. If it hurt – write it down. If it confused you – write it down. You may even find yourself wanting to cry and speaking out what hurt you.

At times, we must have a really good snot-nosed cry to release the pain we once experienced.

Shift Your Default Setting

Moving forward, you must shift your mindset, going beyond your feelings. When your mind is renewed, your feelings will eventually follow. Start to push past the feeling of timidity and fear. Start to show up and speak up regardless of the emotional charge you may experience in the moment.

Creating a new paradigm is part spoken word through affirmation and mediation; the other part is through physical action. Your words, mindset, emotions, and physical action all work together to manifest your internal space of being. When you combine them – you alleviate the spirit of timidity and walk in the fullness of who you were called to be.


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