1-Min. Med: Peace

For our 1 – min meditation, we are focused on peace. Stillness is a good thing, yet most of us try to get as far from it as we can. You may not agree with this statement but when we look at how busy we push ourselves to be with checklists and tasks that can fill up every second of every hour of everyday one may start to realize that we are pushing away the very state of being we all openly or secretly want.

I myself realized this about myself and it was at this point of awareness where stillness was the only space I could retreat too. The truth is I found myself constantly reaching to be fulfilled by my work, achieving goals, spending time with the people closest to me, or even do the things I enjoyed. But there was this constant fleeting of happiness. And there I was left with only peace. This week for atleast 1 – minute of everyday focus on peace. Sit in it. Don’t run away from it. Rest in it. Don’t look for the downfall of it. Let it consume you and overtake you like a flood.

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