1- Minute Meditation: Seeking Contentment

For our 1 – min meditation, we are focused on seeking contentment. To be content is to be satisfied and at times in our humanity this may seem like an ever-fleeting desire. In a world where we are taught to set goals and seek advancement after advancement, it can be a very difficult task to just be happy right where you are with who you are and with who and what you have. We continually find ourselves seeking something else or someone else. We are always in go-mode pursuing yet another position, degree, status, or thing. This week for at least 1-minute a day sit still on focus on being contentment and then seek this state of being throughout the day.

We are all searching for this satisfaction, this fullness, this idea of simply being ok with what is and sincerely grateful just because. Seek contentment.

Listen to Audion Version here

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