1 - Minute Meditation: Freedom

For our 1 – minute of meditation, we are focusing on freedom. To be free is to be exempt from; not in bondage to; acting on one’s own will. I recently discovered free also means noble and joyful. The root of this four - letter word means to love. Love is freedom. Maya Angelou once said love liberates. It doesn’t just hold – that’s ego. Love liberates. The issue with freedom is not that it is unavailable or reserved for another. No. Love is freely given. And freedom is free. The issue is in not knowing these truths. There is a quote connected to Harriet Tubman that says: I freed many slaves and could have freed many more if only they knew they were slaves. The freedom I speak of is not found in money, new territory, or an upgrade in your life style. The freedom we all desire is in the mind. It is to be mentally free from limiting beliefs about yourself, the Life Force and the world. This week for at least one - minute a day, meditate on freedom. Being free within yourself. Within the womb of your soul which is the mind. Imagine the mental locks falling off of your thoughts and emotions. See yourself walking freely and in your right mind. The spirit of a man can be set free but the mind of that man has to open the door.

Listen to live audio version here.

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