1-Min Meditation: A Desire for Change

From LifeClub w/ Tashima Jones - The Radio Show & Podcast.

For our 1 – min meditation, we are going to focus on change.

So many of us desire change yet fail to see it in our lives because of one main reason: resistance to becoming the very change we seek.

We cannot expect our money situation to change or our relationships to shift, if we ourselves do not undergo a metamorphosis. We cannot hope and pray for our environments to be made new, when we resist renewing our minds. We cannot expect to see abundance when our beliefs are filled with lack.

Change, which is the only constant in the world, is defined as the act or instance of making or becoming different; a new or refreshingly different experience; a clean garment or garments as a replacement for clothes one is wearing. Historically, change is a place where merchants met to do business...ie the NY stock exchange. And its Latin root is barter which is the exchange (goods or services) for other goods or services without using money.

See more money won’t change you. A partner, a degree, new clothes, and material blessings won’t change you. And other people changing won’t better your life either. It is you – because you will always end up with you. You must change for your atmosphere and experiences to change. The change you really want is a change in you. this week meditate on the desire to change with yourself. Seek, ask, and focus on a change in your mind, will and emotions. Only then will you reach that joy-filled space you know exchange. Change.

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