Break Procrastination

The root words of procrastinate are pro which means forward and crastinus, meaning belonging to tomorrow. This habit of avoidance is a sure way of staying exactly where you are - never moving ahead. While it may seem to alleviate the stress or anxiety associated with carrying out a task, the result of it gets you nowhere. You see, the very task you’re avoiding could be the very step you need to take in opening a new door, starting a new season, landing a promotion or meeting your future spouse. Stop procrastinating. Stop telling yourself you work better under pressure or in the last quarter of the game. Stop hesitating at doing the very thing you know you’re supposed to do.

Here are a few tips and tools on how the break procrastination:


This week, for at least one minute meditate on breaking procrastination. See yourself checking off your to-do list. Imagine yourself accomplishing one goal after the other (whether big or small). .

Find the Fear

Naming a thing can help in correcting it. Procrastination is the cousin of fear. It keeps you stuck and the only way move forward is breaking through. Stop procrastinate right now.

Self Regulation

Discipline is so key. It is truly amazing how one can meet due dates for others yet waste time when it comes to reaching a personal mark. Self regulation is a superpower.

Especially for entrepreneurs, when running a business or even a family flexibility can be mishandled. Sure you don't have to answer to anyone...other than yourself and the Life Force. And those two people alone, are worth all the discipline in the world.

Remember Your Why

Knowing your why (why you started the business or enrolled in school) puts much in perspective. Procrastination aka pushing off the completion go a task until "tomorrow" doesn't get you closer to destiny. But step by step, you will arrive at your why. So...going for it today is worth the effort.


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