EP:36 Altering Reality

With the exception of primary colors, species, natural elements like the sky, and everyday items such as the phone, fridge, and handbag – reality is truly a perceived concept. Every single being has an image of what reality is making it almost impossible to see life the same. Our place of birth, age, parents, culture and exposure influence how we think, the way in which we view life and ultimately impact our sense of self.

Today, we are speaking about an Alter Reality. Seeing the wealthiest and the most impoverished on the same block always amazes me. In New York City alone, the blending of socioeconomic classes can creates the opportunity to literally brush shoulders with the rich and the poor in minutes. The same is true when encountering those who are living a joy-filled, high-frequency life and others who wrestle with low vibes like depression.

The main question of today’s show is what reality are you accepting?

Let’s dig in. Tap here to listen in.

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