1-Min Med: Connected

Our 1-Minute of Meditation is focused on Staying Connected.

In life, we experience valley moments and tend to forget them when we make it to the mountaintop. Be it the mountain of money, relationship, promotion, and even our health – we can find ourselves in this space of overcoming yet forget about where we just came from.

The amazing truth is that we would never know wealth unless we’ve lived through lack. We’d never value health unless we’ve faced some sickness. We would never appreciate a good relationship without kissing a few frogs. And we’d never understand promotion without being in the mail room, mopping some floors or picking up other people’s coffee.

Staying connected is vital to consistently rising. And the only way to do so is through gratitude. Gratitude is the extension of humility. It is the beauty from the ashes. The honor from humble beginnings. It is a nod of gratefulness to Spirit acknowledging the road just traveled.

For at least 1-minute everyday of this week, meditate on staying connected.

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