Get Joy

Looking for joy in all the wrong places? There are far more people seeking joy than there are actually experiencing it. The term, “the best things in life are free” is much more, true than we realize. We must employ joy. To employ a thing is to put it to work. When we are seeking joy, we must find where our gratitude is residing. We must pay attention to what our intentions are catering to and where we are expending our energy.

Are we looking at lack, fear, and death or are our heart’s eyes engaged with all we have?

What if we reacted the same way we do to the everyday things of life as we do when a new thing happens or when an unfavorable thing occurs? We must learn to employ Joy. Here are a few ways to do so.

Activate Happiness

We must put our happiness to work by activating it daily. Being grateful the moment you open your eyes for simply waking up changes your entire day. Being so connected to fear and death causes us to miss life.

The fear of lack and not enough are blinders to the fullness of life that stares back at us day after day.

Listen to Life

Life is calling, waving its arms in the air saying here I am. Use me. Life is pouring out abundance and love desiring to grasps just a glimpse of our attention...hoping that one glimpse turns into an everlasting gaze.

Discover Your Gratitude

If you are looking for joy discover your gratitude. Start getting excited about everything...literally. One way to effectively be grateful is to imagine your life without the things, people, and abilities you presently have in your life. Sadly, we never miss a thing until it’s gone. Start getting exciting about the two friends you have. Start getting emotionally moved by the idea that you can read, write, laugh, and love. It’s the little things that get overlooked yet they are the same things that bring us the most joy.

Make it your heart’s desire to employ joy today and everyday moving forward.

Tune in to our 1 – Minute Meditation from LifeClub with Tashima Jones right here.

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