Friendly or Friend

Are you a friend or just friendly? In today’s social arena of likes and follows, the line between associate and true connection is often times extremely blurred. Nowadays, we know people by their handles and not the names on their birth certificates. Titles override who people really are and we get to know others based on 280 characters or less. Selfies and snapshots of food items tend to dim our transparency making connecting with others superficial and heavily filtered.

Many of us can be friendly. We can carry a conversation, like a few pics and even go out to a few events together. But this does not equate being a friend.

Being a friend is a vibe – it is truly a divine act of being joined together with another soul. It’s vital that we be the friend we would like to have. Again, are you a friend or just friendly? See how to know the difference below.


The root meaning of friend is to love. And love is an action rooted in a divine connection. While love is one of the most talked about topics on earth, human language may never be able to fully convey this concept that surpasses earthly knowledge. If we could create an image of love, it would look like open hands – receiving one as they are with pure intentions to add to their cup of life.

Yes. That’s love. & that’s a friend.


Ships are forms of transportation used on a body of water. Understanding this truth reveals this amazing key about relationships. They are connections meant to move us to a specific location. Friendship is love in action – steering us towards our higher purpose. We all have a call on our lives and part of us getting there is wrapped up in the connections formed with other people.

Receive Your Friends

We do not control who our friends are but we do have the joy in receiving them. It is interesting how a true friend can be overlooked because our minds are clouded with a certain “look” or style, or profession, or gender or education of the “ideal” friend. Embrace those who have been sent in your life with the title of friend.

On the other hand, we misconstrue relationships; trying to mold a friendship into a romantic one. Public Service Announcement: Every good-looking individual of the opposite sex is not a potential spouse. They just may very well be a true friend. And that’s ok!


In order to be a friend to another, you must be a friend to yourself. And in order to be a true friend to self you must be in friendship with Spirit. Keep working out that internal development. Share that part of yourself in truth and transparency. It’s freeing to be open about your areas of training as well as those areas of strength. Being a friend isn’t about people as much as it is about being true to yourself. When you discover comfort and peace within, you are able to extend that aura to those around you.

Don’t just be friendly. Be a friend.


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