Seeking Your YES!

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Too often we get hooked on the don’ts that we miss out on the d0-s! We constantly find what we need instead of looking at all we have. We must seek our yes. The word yes is derived from gise which means so be it. We must start to look at and find what Spirit is saying so be it to; the things we already possess, the talents we already have and can fully operate in, and the beautiful people we sit next to and wake up with each and every day.

We must get out of this constant sense of waiting for something to come and begin to abide in what is presently available. Here are some tips on understanding, finding, and following your yes!

Yes is Active Now

Yes causes one to live life now and to live life now is to live life actively. Understand that life is movement; it is energy. Even while we sleep, our bodies and souls are constantly in motion with each cell and organ doing their work. Our dreams also indicate activity in consciousness while we rest.

Spirit is screaming and constantly whispering Yes! Instead, many focus on the one tree they can’t eat fruit from, ignoring the 99 they can freely access.

No Leads Us to Open Doors

Closed opportunities, relationships, and plans lead us to our yes. Spirit’s no is just as good as any green light we can ever move through. It is an indicator that we should keep going forward. Remember, yes means so be it. If what lies behind the closed door isn’t favorable, bypassing it is a reward. Blessed is the one who accepts a no, that person avoids mishaps, disruption, and unnecessary folly.

Accept no as a yes to something greater.

Embrace the YES!

Once you get the green light, drive. Put your foot on the gas and go! Face the fear, launch the company, write the book, get married, go back to school. Hesitation is a sure way to remain in the no zone. Often times, fear plays a role in receiving a “so be it” moment. Even when it’s a thing you’ve prayed to experience. The exciting reality of walking through the door marked YES is that it leads to even greater yeses!

Be intentional about seeking your yes, forsaking the closed doors and walking through those that stand wide open for you!

Click here to listen to our 1 - Minute Meditation on Seeking Your Yes


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