Mastering Thy Self

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One of the greatest things we can ever master is ourselves. Knowing who we are is one thing while mastering who we are is the next level. It is a process of shaping and molding your core being. Self-mastery is to know, accept, and discipline oneself in every area of life. It is coming to terms with who you are and loving who you are. It is being real with yourself. It is exuding a quiet confidence in regards to your gifts and abilities.

Here are a few tips to apply to your quest of self-mastery:

Pure Conscience

Anyone walking around with guilt or shame will never fully experience their maximum potential. Guilt, shame, and condemnation are blockages to self-actualization. Accepting forgiveness and then extending it to one’s self is pertinent.


Like any physical wound, emotional wounds must be healed. Part of that healing is in fact forgiveness; understanding and application of that understanding are also key.

Another major part of healing is changing your mindset; letting go of habits and paradigms that don’t serve you. This is an absolute must. Too many what change but do not want to, expect not to, or have no intention on changing their minds. The very change you seek is on the other side of changing your mind.

Co-Create with Spirit

We all know that line from Paolo Coehlo’s The Alchemist; the universe will conspire with you. No one knows creation more than the Creator. The universe is part of creation. Spirit knows the secret things about life; wisdom in plain sight that’s revealed by way of seeking it out. Co-create with Spirit. Self-mastery is a quest of discovery beyond what the five sensory-self can ever comprehend.


The original definition of the word discipline is instruction; it is a branch of knowledge studied or an area of mastery. Contrary to this idea of restriction or punishment; discipline is really possessing wisdom and the ability to focus and refrain from distraction.

Mastering your self is a life-long journey. There is fulfillment in it as well as new truths to learn. The sooner you start on the path, the sooner you live a more fulfilled existence.

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