Don’t Get Personal

Being in your feelings is a sure way of experiencing the discomfort associated with rejection. From silent treatment to upfront disrespect, we all have had our share of being dismissed by someone, some job, some family member, some potential mate, or someone we thought was a friend. Not being accepted, especially from a person or entity you actually want to be a part of can be disappointing but the silver lining is in the following phrase: rejection is protection.

Check out a few benefits of and ways to deal with being rejected.

Spirit’s GPS

A no from the Life Force is just as good as any yes. Being connected to Source Energy will steer you in the right direction, so closed doors point you in the way of open ones. When you don’t get the call back for the position, role, or date trust that what is for you is indeed for you. And let this be a sign to keep moving forward.

Building Inner - Confidence

Experiencing a period of rejection can be a teaching moment if you welcome the lesson. Often times, we look for cosigns from those around us to have a sense of value. When building a business, pursuing a dream, or simply starting something new, many tend to rely on others for gauging whether or not an idea or decision is a valid. There will be times when you have to believe on your own. When no one else believes with you it is a true test of your faith. Your strength is often times found in solitude. Stay in the classroom and keep believing.

Strengthening Forgiveness

The best approach to moving on from rejection is forgiveness. At times people really do not know what they do. There may be a season in life where everyone closest to you separates from you; and you may not even understand the reason. Forgiveness is a spiritual act of not holding an offense against another. It is not deeming the offense as right neither does it obligate you to maintain the same type of relationship or level of intimacy. You can continue to love from a distance.

Don’t Take It Personal

Another person’s rejection in not always a reflection of who you are. Most often, others treat you how they treat themselves. So, if you truly weren’t the root cause, do your best not to take things personally. And if you were, stop playing yourself and get it together. Being rejected can also be a sign of the need to grow.


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